Oh how I adored this little baby and his family! This little guy was born several months ago…he was so sweet during the entire shoot…and his big brother was such a cutie! You can tell that everyone is so in love with this little guy, lots of cuddles, smooches, and smiles in this house. Congrats on your new addition!
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Aug 15, 2014
Written by Tamara

To say that I was impressed with this new little family would be an understatement! The parents seemed like pros even though their baby is just under a month old. They knew all of the tricks, they were so calm, and they looked uh-mazing! We soaked up the easiness of just being inside their home and doing a lifestyle shoot focusing on the family (including their dog Henry who was quite talented at stealing the show)! How sweet is a mama and her first baby?!?

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Congratulations! It was a pleasure working with you!


Mar 15, 2013
Written by Tamara

Hudson was the sweetest baby boy at just a week old. This was such a fun session for me, as I decided to ditch the beanbag, props, and posing, and went for a comfortable, take-it-how it is approach for photographing newborns from now on. Although I love cute babies in fancy hats and baskets, my heart has led me to pursue more lifestyle images of mamas and daddies with their precious little ones…I want the focus to be on the babies–not the props–and for the families to be comfortable in their own surroundings as they adjust to life with a new baby. As soon as we finished, I knew I was in love with the realness and authenticity of this type of session. Who doesn’t love a baby curled up in their mamas arms?
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Nov 17, 2012
Written by Tamara